Nouvelle version de ProtonGE

Une nouvelle version de ProtonGE est dispo ( Proton-5.9-GE-6-ST )

En bref,
- correction de crash sur Horizon Zero Dawn (je test ça bientot) et sur d'autres jeux
- Divers patch sur Vulkan
- vkd3d, dxvk et FAudio mis a jour

je vous laisse lire la patch note pour le reste.
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  • Je confirme de Horizon Zero Dawn fonctionne !!

  • septembre 2020 modifié
    Bonne nouvelle tout ça !!

    Je crois que je vais faire un tuto en fr pour installer ProtonGE ... :)

  • bon on gagne certaines compatibilités mais on en perd d'autres (space engineers), il faut bien garder les anciennes versions sous le coude
  • De mon côté, No Man's Sky ne tourne bien qu'avec le 5.0.9 de Steam. Les ProtonGE m'ont toujours causé des bugs (freezes, erreurs de segmentation...)

  • idem sur no man's sky
  • ça a pas mis longtemps ce coup ci !
  • octobre 2020 modifié
    Ils vont vite en ce moment !
    (des fans de Baldur's Gate 3 sûrement ;) )

    Ok, so I found yet a few more important fixes... so I went ahead and just said screw it and took yesterdays update and added it on to today's release to make people more aware. This build should be used as its basically a bunch of hotfixes on top of GE-7-ST.
    * winetricks is now fully integrated into the build, which means no more relying on the winetricks package of whatever system it's running on, and no more failing without any notice if it's not installed on the system
    * Death Stranding working again (found the issue that broke it in GE-5-ST, it was a woopsie on my part).
    * Death Stranding Red Halo and issue fixed
    * Baldur's Gate 3 DX11 crash fixed
    * Baldur's Gate 3 will now ask you if you want to use Vulkan (No=DX11)
    * Baldur's Gate 3 still requires AMDVLK on AMD if you want to use Vulkan, DX11 works fine.
    * Serious Sam 4 will now ask you if you want to use Vulkan (No=DX11)
    * Serious Sam 4 Nvidia still crashes in-game with Vulkan. DX11 works fine.
    * Serious Sam 4 flicker workaround found and applied.
    * Halo: MCC -- vcrun2019 fix applied -- should fix coop campaign multiplayer desync
    * Just Cause 4 patches backported -- game works now
    * Watch Dogs 2 eac launcher and nosplash options added to protonfix
    * Soul Calibur VI -- I found out the game actually works but you need to 'press any button' before the 'press any button' audio finishes, or it will freeze.
    * vkd3d has been updated -- Horizon Zero Dawn fullscreen mode should be fixed now.
    * dxvk was updated with the latest release which fixes some previous major crash issues.
    For those having the the issue with Horizon Zero Dawn running out of memory and crashing -- I'm curious if you're on intel or amd cpu, and if you're on amd, could you try adding clearcpuid=514 to your kernel boot options? I realized that I had this set for troubleshooting another different game issue during my first testing of HZD, and that I didn't hit any crash issues during that time, and am wondering if it is playing any part with this issue.
  • mais grave! pas de release pendant 2-3 mois puis pouf, 3 en 1 mois
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